Background screening. Simpler, easier, better.

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Save time
and money.

Background screening can be very time-consuming, but with you could reduce turnaround from weeks to days at a great price. We will help you set up your 'check packages' so you can request a whole list of checks in a single click.

Focused on people,
improved by tech.

Managers, screeners, and candidates get a smooth, frictionless experience and know what's happening every step of the way. The interface is easy to use with the smarts and automation happening in the background.

One platform,
various checks.

Inside, you can request many different types of checks, including Criminality, Identity Verification, Visa, Referencing, Adverse Media, Politically Exposed Person, International Sanctions, and the list keeps growing.

Why use

Working directly with your candidates quickly and easily

People matter

The platform is intuitive, slick and seamless. It centralises all of your background screening in one location for a faster, fully compliant and more cost-effective process.

Our system does all the hard work in the background, allowing all screening to be carried out digitally and by fewer people. This speeds things up while maintaining full visibility for compliance purposes. The result is a smooth, comprehensive background screening process and a fabulous customer experience.

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